Blacksinglez FAQ

Are the people on the system paid operators?

No, we only provide members real single people available for chat in real time.

Can I meet someone through the Blacksinglez website?

We do not have a website to list all our members. But you may register for our trial version to meet other members on Blacksinglez.

How do I get started?

To get started, find your local Blacksinglez number by entering your area code on the top bar of this page. The voice prompt will guide you through the system.

Who uses Blacksinglez?

We have thousands of black singles looking for friendship, love or fun. Just like you, they are all ready to mingle. You can finally meet great single men and women in your area!

Can I get a free trial from a cellular phone?

Yes, but make sure that you only use a digital cell phone. If, however, you are using a phone that restricts on call display, just dial ____ before dialling your local number.

Can I get another free trial membership?

As much as we would like you to have fun on our phone chat line, free trials are only restricted on one per household. If you already consumed yours, you cannot register again. But, you may try purchasing our very affordable membership fee by calling this number_______.

Can I try your service for free before buying a membership?

Of course. We offer free trials for first-time members of our site. This way, you will become familiar with our services.

Can I use my free trial membership from any phone?

No, you can only use the number/phone that was registered on our site.

I'm calling from a local phone number and I can't use my free trial. Why not?

It may not work due to the following reasons:

  • Your free trial has already been issued.
  • The system can't read your phone number on display.
  • Your free trial membership already expired after 7 days upon registration.

I'm calling Long Distance, and I can't use my free trial. Why not?

Someone may have already used your number before or you should double check if the number you are calling is the same number you have registered upon availing the free trial membership.

I'm calling your 800 number, and I can't use my free trial. Why not?

800 numbers are for paid customers only. Call the local area number nearest you. Long distance charges may apply.

Is there any reason why I wouldn't be able to get a free trial?

Yes, either your phone does not show up on call display or your free trial is already expired.

What do I do if I can't get a free trial membership?

First time users can avail membership from Blacksinglez and they can take advantage of our 30-minute membership for _____. This is a one time offer only for all credit card payments. You may contact our friendly customer service at _______ to inquire more about this offer.

How do I record my greeting?

Go online and the voice prompts will guide you through the registration step by step. When in the process of recording, make sure that you speak clearly. You should be able to also describe yourself and what you are looking for in the first place.

What do I do if I receive a message from a caller that I'm not interested in?

You should just press ____ if you are not interested on the caller. After doing so, you won't hear any greeting from this user. The user won;t also hear anything from you again.

What do I do if I receive a message that I find really interesting?

You may either send him or her a message or invite the user to join a private conversation with you.

What is not acceptable in a greeting?

Blacksinglez do not tolerate message greetings that discriminate people based on age, gender or race. We also do not allow members to create greeting containing references to illegal substances.

What is the difference between a "message" and a "connection request"?

A message is a personal message, which you record and send to another member on the line. These messages allow you to get to know the person on the other line. On the other hand, a connection request is another type of message that invites the person on the other line to join you on a private live conversation.

What should I say in my greeting?

Remember to make the first impression in your greeting. Your greeting reflects you and how you can get a lot of attention. Make an effort to create a very impressive greeting message as Blacksinglez got a lot of calls every day.

What do I do if I forget or lose my membership number or passcode?

This is a private number. To further protect you against any fraud, please call our customer service at ____ to request for your passcode. You may be asked for some personal information to verify that you are a valid member of Blacksinglez.

When is time deducted from my membership?

Our system will automatically inform you of the time that is deducted in your membership. Time is deductive automatically after you have recorded your greeting and start hearing other member's greetings. Also, memberships left unused for 30 days will be charged a 10-minute maintenance fee. Furthermore, memberships that remained unused for 3 months will be deactivated without refund.

(For our 1-900 customers) How will charges appear on my phone bill?

Normally, your telephone company handles all the billing for 900 numbers. The charges will then appear on a separate section as BMI.

Your telephone company handles the billing for the 900 number you have called. Charges will appear in a separate section of your regular phone bill as BMI.

How do I pay by Western Union?

  1. Call Western Union too at _________ or simple go to their website at to locate the nearest branch near you. Also, make sure that you speak with an agent if ever their website could not provide you with the information you need. Western Union is open late and available seven days a week.
  2. Once you locate the nearest Western Union branch, you may fill out the blue and white form using the following information:

    US Customers:

    * Pay To:
    * Code City:
    * State:
    * Dollar Amount: Choose from one of our affordable Blacksinglez packages.
    * Sender's Account Number With Company: Existing members can use the five-digit Blacksinglez membership number. For new members, use "___".

    Canadian Customers:

    * Pay To:
    * Code City:
    * State:
    * Dollar Amount: Choose from one of our affordable Blacksinglez packages.
    * Sender's Account Number With Company: Existing members can use the five-digit Blacksinglez membership number. For new members, use "___".

How do my membership charges show up on my credit card statement?

You will be discreetly billed in your credit card statement as ______.

If I purchase minutes or a membership online, will I get a receipt?

Yes, you will get a confirmation email along with your transaction details for every online purchase made. Your order history, however, is only available on your online account. If you are a new member purchasing online, expect to receive two emails: (1) email containing your membership information and (2) email containing your transaction details.

What if I want to be informed of specials/promotions/events?

You may call our customer service at __________ to know the latest promos/events we have.

What payment methods do you accept?

US customers: Pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, or Discover), or Western Union. You can also bill to your home phone through a ____ number in selected locations.

Canadian customers: Pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Amex), or Western Union. You can also bill to your home phone through a ____ number in selected locations.

Is my credit card/personal information secure?

Yes, you are guaranteed that we are a secured and safe site to accept credit card payments. All credit cards presented are securely directed to the financial institution that issued the credit card. You are notified of approval or decline while on the phone with our friendly 24-hour toll-free customer service.

What is your Privacy policy regarding my personal Information?

Blacksinglez do not in any way share your personal information to any third party. Further, once the account is set-up, Blacksinglez do not contact you, unless you call us first. We may need you to verify some personal information first before we entertain any questions regarding your account in Blacksinglez.

What personal information do I have to give you?

To protect you against fraud, we need your name, address, phone number, social security number, email address, and either your credit card number or check-by-phone account number (depending on your payment method). Once this information is confirmed we can process your order.

How do I login to the access my Blacksinglez account on-line?

You should be able to create first your Blacksinglez account online to access your web account.

I purchased my minutes on-line. How can I login to my existing on-line Web Account?

You may log-in using the information sent in the "sign-up conformation" email sent to you after purchasing.

I purchased minutes over the phone. How can I create an on-line Web Account?

For members who purchased their packages over the phone can go online and create an online web account. Online sign-ups are free and also give members exclusive online contents, deals, and promotions. You must need to have an area code, membership number, password and email when creating an online web account.

Once you are done creating an online web account, a conformation link will be sent to your email. You must verify that link to activate and access your account.

I haven't received my "forgot password" email. How do I get one?

You must first check your junk mail folder for your "forgot password email". In case the email is not there, try adding _____ in your contact list and generate a new password request after.

I forgot my web password and your system says that I don't have an account. How do I recover my password?

You can use your personal email (the one you used during the sign-up in your web account). Your personal email will receive the password request link, in case you forgot your password.

I did not receive my purchase confirmation email. What do I do?

You should double check your junk mail/folder for the purchase email confirmation. You may also confirm, your purchase in your "view order history" on your web account. If neither works, you may call our customer service for support: ___________.

The link in the confirmation email does not work and tells me that I do not have an account. What do I do?

The link to validate your web account creation is valid for 24 hours only. In case there are errors in validating your account, you may request another confirmation email. You may enter your email and password here to request for a new one: